Tonko House HW #6

General / 19 October 2021
1. Color study made for the Tonko House course from Schoolism. Learning to be more mindful of my brushstrokes and favoring the selection tool as much as possible.
2. Ample study of mood & light. Started with a study of my room, then painted over various lighting situations in order to alter the overall mood of the image.

Tonko House HW #5

General / 06 September 2021

3 still life pieces, in diffuse and direct light

Tonko House Homework#4

General / 02 May 2020

Still life studies made in diffuse and direct light. B&W this time around. Next batch will be all colorful :)

More color and light studies...

General / 19 August 2019

... for the Tonko House schoolism course. Feel like I am learning a lot from these!

BW Studies

General / 07 May 2019


I've decided to use the blog feature

General / 05 May 2019

... so here are some studies I still like. From around the places I grew up in.