Inktober 2019 Part I
Elena barbu boyz

Day 1 - Post THU Blues

Elena barbu narghi

Day 2 - If you're gonna smoke, do it all the way

Elena barbu invert

Day 3 - I can still invert!

Elena barbu exxo

Day 4 - Diamond legs tutorial

Elena barbu relax

Day 5 - Attitude for days

Elena barbu angery still

Day 6 - When they don't have your size anymore

Elena barbu louis

Day 7 - Cat on a bag.

Elena barbu skull

Day 8 - This could be us, but...

Elena barbu booty2

Day 9 - 8inchHeels

Elena barbu jellyfisho

Day 10 - Jellyfish memories

Having a blast going back to my roots, inktobering every day. Turns out I don't actually hate having to think before I put the pen on paper.
So here's part 1 of this year's inktober challenge. I don't follow any theme in particular, rather going for stuff I love, such as cats, skulls and poledancers.